Teeth Whitening


Professional teeth whitening is a fast, safe, and less expensive way to whiten up your teeth and enhance your appearance. Dr. Barr can also diminish the appearance of decalcified discolorations or white spots left over from orthodontic treatment.

Professional bleaching can be a great way to remove discoloration and stain on teeth. Teeth naturally discolor with age, however, this process can be accelerated by coffee, tea, soda, red wine, and tobacco. Staining can also be caused by childhood medications or illness and improper oral hygiene. Discoloration on teeth can be found when the brackets are removed after orthodontic treatment. A special in-office procedure can help diminish those spots.

Dr. Barr can evaluate your teeth to see if you are a good candidate for professional bleaching. Choices of professional bleaching offered by Dr. Barr can involve in-office bleaching or a take home bleaching system using custom made trays. If your teeth are severely discolored, professional bleaching may not be an option and veneers or crowns will be a better solution.

In-Office Bleaching

Dr. Barr uses Zoom, the leading tooth whitening system, to whiten teeth within an hour. A professional strength bleaching gel is applied on the teeth and then the Zoom light system activates the gel creating whiter teeth. A custom made bleaching tray will be made to use with professional strength bleaching gel for touch ups at home as needed.

Take Home Bleach System

Dr. Barr will take impressions to create custom made bleaching trays to use at home. You will insert a professional strength bleaching gel into the trays and wear the trays for a one hour a day. The bleaching gel can lighten the teeth without changing any tooth structure.

Diminish White, Yellow, and Brown spot

Microabrasion is a quick and painless solution for removing yellow, brown, or white spots on your teeth. This procedure uses hydrochloric acid and pumice to remove a micro layer of tooth enamel to remove the discoloration. Depending on how deep the stain goes, repeating the process may be necessary.

Professional Bleaching VS Over the Counter Bleaching System

Over the counter bleaching products, such as the strips and gels, can take weeks or months to get the shade of the teeth to lighten. One of the pastes, in particular, just “paints” on a layer to make the teeth look whiter. Some of these products can irritate the gums since they have to be used for so long and are not custom fit to your mouth. Professional bleaching allows a professional to watch over your customized treatment using better products to achieve success.

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