What Type of Toothbrush Should I Use?

The right toothbrush can make the difference between a good and bad dental visit. The bristles must be the right size and softness to effectively clean without damaging the enamel of the tooth. Here are a few criteria to consider as you choose your next toothbrush.

Size and Shape

It may seem as though the size of a toothbrush should match the…

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What Causes Bad Breath?

An estimated 50 percent of American adults suffer from bad breath and 60 million U.S. adults will suffer from the more severe form of bad breath, which is chronic halitosis. With those statistics in mind, it’s no wonder products like chewing gum and mints are so readily available at grocery store cash registers.

But covering up bad breath with something that’s…

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How Safe are Dental X-Rays?

Dental X-rays a great way for dental professionals to examine the health of the tooth, its root, and the surrounding bone to catch problems as early as possible. As hygienists place the protective aprons over a patient, however, some patients wonder just how safe the X-ray process is.

Over the years, consumers have seen conflicting reports about the safety of X-rays.…

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What is a Root Canal?

Root canal is the term used for when a dentist removes a portion of a patient’s tooth, usually to alleviate discomfort or pain. The tooth’s canal is the space inside that holds the tooth’s pulp chamber, which is home to the tooth’s nerve system. Teeth can function without this nerve system, but when the pulp is infected or damaged it…

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How Do Whitening Toothpastes Work?

It’s difficult to find toothpastes these days that don’t promise to whiten your teeth. For years, consumers have realized the benefits of professional dental whitening, which removes years of build-up to restore a bright, stain-free smile. Dental product companies have released their own versions of whitening kits to provide a less powerful but more affordable version of what a patient…

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Overcoming Fears of Going to the Dentist

If you fear going to the dentist, you’re not alone! It has been estimated that around 20% of Americans will only visit the dentist when they believe it’s completely necessary, while others avoid going altogether.

While there are different factors that can lead to dental fear, some are more common than others.

Common Causes of Dental Fears

Many people fear going to the…

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