Single or Multiple Implants

Dental implants are the closest thing there is to having a natural tooth. If you need to have a tooth replaced, a dental implant is the best solution to replace that tooth. The dental implant acts as the tooth’s root allowing a natural- looking crown to be fabricated restoring function in that area.

Dental Implant Placement

A dental implant is a tiny titanium post that is inserted into the bone where the missing tooth is located. Dr. Barr works with a team of specialists for the best implant placement. Dr. Barr will evaluate the area and create a customized treatment plan with an oral surgeon or periodontist for your implant placement.

While the implant is healing, you will be wearing a temporary customized abutment. This abutment will allow Dr. Barr to contour the gum tissue during healing for a more aesthetic outcome. Dr. Barr will take an impression of the implant post and customize a natural looking crown with his lab technician. The crown will be bonded onto the implant post creating a functional and natural looking tooth.

Our office staff will help coordinate all the necessary appointments to complete your treatment.

Care of implant

It is important to treat this implant as you would a natural tooth. The implant needs daily care of brushing and flossing along with a strict maintenance of professional cleaning appointments.

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