Dentures in Columbus, Indiana

No one needs to know you wear dentures.  Dr. Barr will create a denture that not only fits well but is aesthetically pleasing and completely functional.

Dr. Barr will fabricate a custom designed, natural looking denture by choosing the right color and shape of teeth.  He will position the teeth so the lip will lay naturally and create a functional denture.  If extra support is needed, Dr. Barr can create an implant supported denture to increase function, support, and stability.

Implant Supported Denture

Dr. Barr can help eliminate some problems associated with wearing dentures such as looseness, slippage, and sore spots.  By using dental implants to support the denture, the issues of loose dentures and sore spots can be eliminated along with increasing the ability to eat foods you have not eaten since you had natural teeth.

A dental implant is a tiny titanium post that is inserted into the bone where the missing tooth is located. Dr. Barr works with a team of specialists for the best implant placement.  Dr. Barr will evaluate the area and create a customized treatment plan with an oral surgeon or periodontist for your implant placement.  Your original denture can be worn during the healing process.  Dr. Barr will work with his lab technician to artistically create your new denture.

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