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Treating Dental Problems Related to Oral Health and Cosmetic Concerns

staff-photo-2-cropEvery patient we see is unique and each has his or her own particular dental concerns. We treat each patient as an individual and design a treatment plan that is appropriate for the concerns that affect the health and appearance of your dental health.

Dental problems typically fall into one of two broad categories: Function, which pertains to your oral health, or Form, which pertains to cosmetic concerns.

Function: Dental Treatments to Improve Your Oral Health

Function issues involve a patient’s ability to chew, whether or not there is discomfort, pain, or sensitivity, and whether teeth and gums are healthy. Treating issues related to function is extremely important because not only is the health of a patient’s mouth affected, but also his or her overall health. Identifying and treating dental concerns related to function can reduce the risk for other serious health issues.

Common dental problems related to function include cracked or chipped teeth, cavities, pain or sensitivity, plaque, decay, tooth loss, and gum disease.

It is important to remember the sooner dental issues related to function are identified and treated the better. Maintaining a consistent schedule for routine dental visits allows us to identify early dental concerns and treat them as quickly as possible. Long-term, untreated dental problems can be painful, expensive, and require extensive treatment. There are plenty of dental problems and solutions that are easy to tackle if they are caught early and dealt with promptly.

Form: Dental Treatments to Improve the Look of Your Smile

Form issues relate to the way a patient’s teeth and smile look – cosmetic treatments. It might seem secondary to function, but the way a person’s smile looks has a major impact on his or her overall well-being. We work with each and every patient to identify things about his or her smile that might cause discomfort and we establish affordable, effective cosmetic dental treatment plans that result in a lovely smile.

For some, there is overlap between form and function. Treating a functional problem could make a patient’s teeth look better. Likewise, making a cosmetic improvement could also improve function.

Dental problems are common, but many are manageable. Even if you have been told in the past by a dentist that a problem was untreatable, new developments now provide options for improving your smile and dental health. We do what we can to stay on top of the latest developments in dental treatments for both functional and cosmetic issues.

If you have any immediate or untreated dental problems, now is the time to take action. Call us today to schedule a consultation or to learn more about how we can help you eliminate your dental problems.


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