Dental Fillings and Crowns


Dental fillings are used to restore strength and beauty to a tooth that needs repair due to decay, damage, or wear.

Tooth colored/Resin Fillings

Resin Fillings are created from esthetic and durable composite resin which is fused to the tooth to provide a superior seal and core strength that is placed directly by Dr. Barr and sculpted into an invisible restoration.  This restoration is completed in one visit.  Resin fillings can be long lasting if they are cared for properly.

Porcelain inlay/onlay

This type of restoration is used when there is significant decay and an acceptable amount of healthy tooth structure still exists.  An impression is sent to Dr. Barr’s lab technician to create a porcelain inlay/onlay.  This restoration takes two visits.  Porcelain restorations can be very long lasting when taken care of properly.

Dental Crowns

A crown, or cap, is needed if a tooth has deep or large decay, is cracked or broken, after root canal therapy, or to help meet esthetic or cosmetic goals.  A crown will increase strength and function to a tooth.  Each crown is handcrafted for you!

Dental Crown Procedure

To create the ideal crown, a two phase treatment is necessary.

Phase one:  Dr. Barr will conservatively prepare the tooth by removing decay and/or previous filling and rebuild the tooth to a solid structure.  After preparing the tooth, an impression will be taken and temporary crown created to allow functionality while the permanent crown is designed.  There are several tooth colored, ceramic materials that can be utilized for this type of restoration. The crown will be handcrafted by a lab technician customized to Dr. Barr’s specifications.

Phase two:  Dr. Barr will remove the temporary crown and bond the new crown to the tooth.

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