Bruxism and TMJ


Frequent headaches, a jaw that clicks, or flat and worn looking teeth are all signs and symptoms of bruxism with a temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD). These discomforts can be addressed and eliminated by finding the source of dysfunction and instability.

Stress and tension is placed on the temporomandibular joint when the occlusion or bite is unstable. This stress can cause headaches, joint clicking or popping and sometimes pain upon opening. Long term clenching and grinding causes destruction that is shown in the teeth by wear patterns along with cracks and possible fractures.


Treatment varies from patient to patient. Dr. Barr will study each case and will create a treatment plan that best suits that individual. An example of treatment options can consist of equilibration (adjusting the bite), splint therapy, orthodontics, and repair of the worn or broken teeth.

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